Combining more than 60 years of investment services experience, The Nimmo Group focuses on comprehensive wealth management, investment planning, retirement planning, and business plans.  We are dedicated to providing customized strategies at a high level of client service.



Michael O. Nimmo
Senior Vice President/Investments

(608) 305-6001
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Michael began his investment services career in 1979 with EF Hutton, where he subsequently served as branch manager.  

Today, Michael focuses exclusively on our clients and their financial needs, serving as the team's chief asset allocation and investment strategist.  He has developed thorough knowledge of the financial markets and excels at making complex investment issues understandable.  He has also taught at the collegiate level and spoken on national panels.

He and his wife, Lori, live in Janesville, Wisconsin, and have five adult children.



Christian M. Nimmo
Vice President/Investments

(608) 305-6002
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Christian is a third-generation financial professional who began his investment services career in 1997.  Working in partnership with his father, Christian has helped grow the family practice more than fivefold through some of the most tumultuous markets in a generation. 

Christian is in charge of researching and implementing the strategies that best align our clients' wealth with their life to help them pursue their goals. 

Christian earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  He serves as an advisor to The Salvation Army.  Christian lives in Janesville, Wisconsin, with his wife, Michelle, and their five children.



Rachael L. Nimmo
Registered Client Service Associate

(608) 305-6000
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Rachael is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the level of care they expect and deserve. Joining the team in 2009, Rachael is responsible for all the administrative aspects of The Nimmo Group, including scheduling, organizing, and implementing our client events, speaking engagements, and other communications with the public.

Rachael lives in Janesville, Wisconsin, with her daughter, Adalyn. Rachael has served on the boards of a number of charitable organizations and frequently volunteers her time to help improve her community.